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So today i had a dream and i actually remember some of the stuff.

I was in a school, i think. It seemed like a school, and i was walking around with i'm assuming was a friend. I don't remember who this person was or if i actually was ever friends with them but i'm just assuming it was. Then my old crush, from like 7th grade shows up with the girlfriend he had back in the 7th grade. (I'm 17 now, so this was like years ago, i moved in the 7th grade as well like towards the end so i haven't seen him in years) and i still had feeling for him in the dream.

This is what is really bugging me because, it bugs me that hes the only one of my crushes that randomly show up in my dreams. I've had dreams before when he would show up and i still had feeling for him in these dreams, and it seriously bugs me. Because i haven't seen him in years and i wasn't close friends with him and out of all my old crushes. He is the only one i dream about and remember the dream about. I haven't even thought of him but then he shows up in the dreams.

So is there any meaning... or is it just random?

Hi Andrea, thanks for your question.

You asked if dreams have any meaning. No one has the final answer, of course, but there are a lot of theories.

I am very fond of Freud's dream theory. Freud stated that dreams were a way of working out problems that have recently been occurring in your life. In addition, the visual imagery that we see in our dreams are symbolic of multiple things, themes, feelings, and ideas.

Thus, it is difficult to interpret one's dreams without knowing what has transpired in the person's life. Freud usually used what he called "free association", where the person talked about whatever came into their mind. That way, the person would often stumble upon the connections between the dream imagery and the events in their life.

For example, that person in your dream could represent multiple men in your life today or even in the past. Your feelings for that person could represent feelings for men, or even frustrations that you've been having,Or even current disappointments that you have been having.

Since no one really knows what dreams "mean", or the true purpose or purposes of dreams, you're free to play around with your own interpretation or simply believe that it's meaningless.

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