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Dear Graig,
I understand that, i want, what i fear. I unable to concentrate, even though the cardiologist confirm me that, hyperventilation does not cause coronary artery spasm or variant angina, but that article, where it was mentioned about hyperventilation related to coronary artery spasm is bothering me too much. I am obsessing about hyperventilation & i have become hyper vigilant concentrating only on my breathing & whenever i become little anxious, i am starting to panic thinking it will cause coronary artery spasm. I also worry about future, if i get stressed out or some bad news will come & i will become anxious, how i will handle the hyperventilation. I have become obsessed with the word hyperventilation. My mind has gone blank, i unable to concentrate on anything. Plz help me. can you explain me the term hyperventilation or how hyperventilation does not affect the arteries or heart,so i will be calm, when ever i will feel like hyperventilating. I am fearing that hyperventilation is bad thing & it will stop the blood flow to my heart.How i should fight whenever i feel fear. i will be very grateful to you. God bless u

Hi Afzal, thanks for your question. You asked, "How i should fight whenever i feel fear". It's a good question. My answer is - I don't recommend fighting it. You have already been fighting it and it has not worked. Therefore, you need to do things differently, if you want a different result.

One thing I do recommend is to seek the services of a counselor, and cognitive-behavior therapy is known to be quite effective with anxiety.

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