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I am indian of 46 years old, shy & anxious child since childhood, My life was not good after marriage & struggles with unemployment & HIV fear for 2-3 years.  I started about heart attack fear since last 12 years and leaving with this fear & I was diagnosed with Mitral valve prolapse with trivial MR 5 years back. I am suffering from severe health anxiety since last 15 years. I have the habit of googling the symptoms and came across many heart related issues fearing them (Arrhythmia, pvc,pac, atrial fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia, heart failure, valve disease, stable & unstable angina etc). When I am researching my palpitation or anxiety chest pain etc, I am finding another heart related word & obsessing about that. I had done my Echocardiography thrice, 3 Treadmill Test & more than 100  ECG’s which were normal. I always have chest pain, tightness & palpitation everyday. I brisk walk daily for 40 minutes & my lipid profile is control. The problem is before 8 years I went to the cardiologist for routine lipid profile test & also I did an ekg , he  gave me the letter, I did not completely read, but there was one word ischemia, after consulting with him & knowing about my symptoms & anxiety disorder he told me that it may be false. After that I did 2 treadmill test with negative & I am brisk walking & jogging daily for 40 minutes. That was 8 years ago & after that also did may be 50 ekg till now with all normal. Also, I did 4 times holter monitor test, which were normal. I know that, I don’t have any heart blockage, but my fear is related to that, old ekg due to anxiety.

I started fearing now that, if I was not having heart blockage, then it was anxiety that brought the changes (ischemia) in ekg. How come anxiety can change the ekg to show there is blockage. Is this dangerous. Before I was fighting with fear that, anxiety is harmless, but now I start obsessing about anxiety & fearing about anxiety symptoms. How to fight with this fear plz help me. I know that, anxiety will not bring any major changes in Ekg, except the fast heart beat & also I did more than 50 ekg till now all normal. May be some lead was not proper or the Dr was not good. But there is fear, why that time it came like this or if in future/anytime I will have ischemic like symptoms due to anxiety. I will be very grateful to you all my life, plz help me to remove my anxiety as I am obsessing & unable to sleep or relax with this fear which came after 8 years.

Hi, Afzl, thanks for your questions. You asked,

"How come anxiety can change the ekg to show there is blockage."
---- I don't know that it is, but Indian history is filled with many gurus who are able to make spectacular changes to their body with only their mind. It is not difficult to do, since the brain and body are one and the same

"Is this dangerous."
---- well, I don't and cannot know, of course. This is something you should take up with your doctors.

"How to fight with this fear plz help me."
--- Sometimes the best way to fight fear is to "be with it". IOW, the more you try to make the fear go away, the more it persists. Once you stop trying to make it go away, it is possible that it can go away.

"I will be very grateful to you all my life, plz help me to remove my anxiety"
---- no one can do so over the internet, of course. I recommend that you seek a therapist to help you do so  

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