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Hi. I have Bipolar disorder and am almost finishing my treatment. Aside from that, I am suffering from this so called Social Anxiety Disorder, which makes my heart palpitate, voice quiver, and feel reluctant with other people. Although the situation seems to be better with the help of pills(lamotrigine) in reducing nervousness, I still find myself dumbfounded in either initiating or responding to conversations; when I speak, the words don't come out right, or they are tackless and commonplace(which makes them boring and stale). Im like the Dead Sea. I may be a loner back in college but im not that bad with people either though i may be picky with friends. How do I resolve this? what's the Natural remedy for this? tnx and kind regards.

Hi Roy

Congratulations on dealing with the bipolar. That can be debilitating, but I guess you have learned that with medication and a bit of psychotherapy, it can be managed quite well.

I'm sorry I don't know the state of mental-health resources where you are, but if you can find someone who offers what's usually called "social skills training," you might look into that.

Yours is a quite common problem, and you can learn simple strategies for responding socially. Training sessions are sometimes offered in a group setting, so that you will see that you are not alone, and you can learn from -- and teach -- the other participants.

You can look up programs on the net, you can ask whomever you are seeing now, or you can just call clinical psychologists and ask if they offer this service.

No, there are no natural remedies worth trying. Still, I hope that helps a bit, and please feel free if you have a follow-up.


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