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QUESTION: Hi, I was wondering if recovery from schizophrenia is possible and what are some measures a person can take to make a full recovery?

ANSWER: Danne, yes, it is possible (though not common), but schizophrenia is variable (there are different kinds), and unpredictable (it can seem to go away, but we never know if and when it might come back).

The best things a person with it can do are to maintain regular contact with a suitable mental health professional (such as a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist) and to stay on any medications that were prescribed.

Thanks for asking us and please feel free if you have a follow-up question (preferably with the reason for your query).


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QUESTION: Thanks, do you know how long the prodromal stage of schizophrenia lasts until the first psychotic break? Also, is chronic and gradual worsening of depersonalization considered a precursor to schizophrenia? I know from personal experience that depersonalization worsens cognitive function as time goes on which is worrisome that eventually the brain/mind will "break".

In the absence of any context (for instance, the answers could vary if we were talking about children vs. adults) a prodome could last for days or months or not show up at all.

Possibly, not necessarily. As three examples, it could be its own disorder, an adaptive response to the situation, or a prodrome.

No, despite the common use of the term "breakdown," the brain/mind does not break. I suspect your operative word is "worrisome" because it can get circular, in which case the best course is to book some face-time with a local clinician.

Hope that helps a bit.


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