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I am having trouble determining what I am good at. I am 33 and don't have any known skills that set me apart and make me feel special. I have taken interest inventories and I am interested in way too many things and in any event those tests are largely to find people ideal  careers. I just want to feel like there is something I can contribute to the world that nobody else can. Does any such test exist?

Welcome to the club James; I'm having the same trouble. And I'm 80.

Those inventories correlate the interest patterns of people in various professions and trades and match them with yours. So, to simplify it, if most of the accountants in the standardization sample happened to like ballet and dislike gardening, and you like ballet and dislike gardening, obviously you are cut out for accountancy. Really?

Find a clinical psychologist or psychometrist who specializes in occupational assessment. There are relevant tests to assess skills, aptitudes, and personality traits that point to suitable job domains.

Apart from that suggestion, here are some general observations. There are so many narrow-skilled workers that the world is starting to need generalists. There are lots of employment agencies around that like to have a large roster of availables in their files, and some of them have staffers who interview, interpret, and suggest.

Finally, work, like much else in life, is often more a matter of luck and circumstance than of planning and targeting. I had an uncle who was a bakery consultant. When WWII ended he asked why he had been assigned to run the army bakery. His files were retrieved and showed he declared that pre-war, he was a baker. Except he put down "banker" and the typist left out the "n."


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