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Dear sir madam,

My name is Simon. I stay In INDIA. Since the age of nineteen, I have been suffering from Social anxiety disorder. Now, I am 27. Currently, I am taking psychiatric treatment for the same. I have a doubt. Please clarify. It will be a great help for me. I have done some online research before going for the treatment with anti-depressants. Based on my research I read on many websites that anti-depressants, particularly SSRI takes around 6-8 weeks to reach the full therapeutic effect. BY this I got the following impression that:
In order to free from whole social anxiety symptoms (as if one is feeling completely normal, although one has to continue taking medicines even after full symptom relief) it will take around 6-8 weeks.
In my case, my social anxiety is finely helped by these medicines. But I did not get the full relief even after 3 months of treatment. I mean my eye contact is still not so good with other peoples. Also, I feel some anxiety while taking to others.
Could you tell me what should be done now. Should I request my psychiatrist to increase dose or to go for a medicine change?
I was given these medicines till now,
First two months---- nexito 10mg and klonaz 0.25mg
Third month----depran-H(it contains escitalopram 10mg and clonazepam ip 0.25mg) and Oxyma capsules(omega fatty 3 capsules).
Please clarify what should I do now.



I am not a physician, and truly only a physician who knows your history can tell you what to expect with medications (plus you know everyone reacts to medications differently).

In my experience, with Social Anxiety issues it is not only medications that help, but behavioral modification or similar therapies that really help change ways of thinking and help produce greater relief.

You might get a second opinion from another physician if you're not satisfied with your medications. You are always welcome to ask your physician his/her opinion about increasing/decreasing your dosage.

I hope this helps.



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