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Hi Doctor
I'm 25 years old female from India. And I'm working for MNC company.
I am not a people person. Now a days I don't know why? I always hurting people who loves me, as their life.
I always shout at them for unknown reasons. I usually get irritate for small mistakes and show anger
on others. I'm not showing anger to everyone. I only showing my anger to the one who loves me.
I dont even get guilty feel after I hurt them for no reason and sometimes I'm feeling relax by seeing them hurt.
Please help me to solve this issue. I'm getting irritated and feeling angry all of sudden
for unknown reason. If I do like this noone will be with me in future.
And the last I started to say lie to people to jusify my mistakes.

First, you must believe that anger is wrong (hurtful) and that it is right to get rid of anger which means to manage it properly.
Second, become aware of the first signs that you feel angry.
Third, leave the area where the other person is located and tell them you will be back in a short while.
Fourth, return to the person after you have calmed down.  

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