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When emotionally "shaken up" (mad sad scared ect) feels incredibly hot inside. Like skin is melting off. Gets worse with movement. Hard to sleep because of constant thinking. When having the problem feel angry but its more than the feeling of anger. Can be angry without having this problem. Certain important people can make this happen/ worse. Seems like only way to make it stop is to stand still and/or music. It feels like there is a monster inside. It physically hurts when this happens and I need to know what it is called. It seems like the hulk or something when it happens i shake really bad too. I am male and only 15 yrs old and scared of myself. Please help?

Hi, Wade, thanks for your question. It's hard to say whether your experiences would be termed a psychological disorder. Plus, there's really no ethical way to diagnose someone over the internet like this. However, I can say that such experiences are common among teens. For many reasons, our emotions are very intense during those years - our hormones are going gangbusters, bodies are growing at tremendous rates and changing into adults, we are having many new experiences and awareness, interactions with others are so much more intense than before, etc. Heck, just the fact that we are feeling NEW feelings makes those feelings so much more intense.

I would say that the best thing is to seek counseling from a professional. Tell your parents that you want to talk to someone. You don't necessarily have to get into all the details. They might not accept it totally, but they will understand the confidential nature of counseling. And, I should add, that counseling is generally confidential, unless you are going to hurt yourself or others, somehow. It's good to discuss with the counselor at the very beginning.

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