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I need to interview a psychologist about the following A.S.A.P.:

1. What is psychology for a psychologist?
2. How long and what college courses and degrees does a person need to take to be called a psychologist?
3. What particular things do psychologists do at work?
4. Why did you pursue a career in psychology?
5. Do you think psychology is an important branch of study?

Hello Katya

I will answer your questions but don't tell your classmates. (Sometimes I answer one student, and then hear from ten of her friends.)

1. As in all fields, it varies from one individual to another, from a calling, a profession, a job, a pleasure, a waste of time, ....

2. It varies by individual jurisdictions in different countries and I don't know about yours, which you should be able to find on the internet.  Generally, you graduate university, go to graduate school in psychology, and serve an internship of you want to practice as a clinician.

3. Generally, individually or in combination, research, teaching, clinical practice.

4. Frankly, it was because the only subject I got an "A" in, in my first year at university, was a course in introductory psychology.

5. Again frankly, not so much. I think other professions have contributed a more important and lasting benefit to the world.

Thanks for asking us, and good luck in your studies.


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