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Dear Dr. Borkosky,

How much weight do old mmpi-2 scores hold? I've taken  mmpi as a part of ADHD evaluation 7 years ago and will soon have to do it again for a job. I am curious what would happen if the results are different. Do recent results override the old ones or do psychologists look at the entire history? Is it different in clinical vs. forensic setting?

Thank you for your time!

Hi, Alex, thanks for your questions. My opinion (which may differ from other psychologists) is that tests (such as the MMPI) can be viewed both as a photo and a tool. It is a photo in that it takes a 'picture' of your mind, at the time you are taking the test. It is a tool, because then those results are used for a purpose.

So, your questions such as "How much weight do old mmpi-2 scores hold?" don't really have an answer, because it is similar to asking 'how good is a hammer?" The answer depends on the goal, or purpose for which you are using it.

The results are almost certain to be different, in some ways, because you are a different person than you were 7 years ago. It would be unusual for the results to be exactly the same.

Yes, the interpretation of results differs in a forensic setting, because the question being answered (the goal) is different. Almost all psychologists take multiple different kinds of information, including a person's history.  

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