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I'm wondering if I can get some advice on this problem.  I can remember having this complication all my life--dating back to childhood.  Yet, I still have this problem.

It is a set pattern of behavior that involves me making noises.  There is no set origin of what stimulates this behavior.  Members of my family say it's anxiety, me not wanting to do chores, playing stressful video games, etc.  To me, I endure listening to over-killed music whether it's today's top hits or repeated songs from work, past recollections from personal interactions, remembering clips from talk-shows--the most persistent are Jerry Springer/Steve Wilkos type shows, etc.  I use my hands to play out this compulsion in my mind, and I engage with animals in the same manner (I DON'T TRY TO HURT THEM.  Just play with them).  It may seem like I enjoy doing this, but really I don't!  Luckily this behavior takes place more at home than elsewhere, but it's still debilitating.  

Where should I go to get help for this?

Not sure I have a totally clear picture of what you are doing, Devin, and why it's debilitating, but it seems to be a compulsion, and the best professional to work with in controlling it would be a clinical psychologist. You can look them up online and in the Yellow Pages.

Hope that answers your question, and that you find a helpful local psychologist. All the best to you,


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