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How come when you are emotionally distressed or depressed, you have inexplicable physical pain in the top of your gut? Like *something* is hurting at your very core, and you can't find where it is and there's no amount of pain killers or alcohol that can take that pain away?

Sorry to hear that you have these psychological and physical problems, Kayla.  But it is your doctor or your school nurse if there is one, or someone at a health clinic, who would be the person to ask.  

If you mean the upper stomach area, it might be a small ulcer that gets aggravated when you do. If an ant-acid (that you can find at a drug-store) reduces the pain, that would also point to an ulcer. Whatever it is, it is not simply "emotional pain," it should not be ignored, and it can be treated by a doctor.

Thanks for asking us, and good luck with both issues.


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