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dear doctor, best wishes in this new year from venezuela.
my problen is this: i am in charge of occupational health and safety in an industry here in caracas and I made a mistake: according to the law I must report inmediately every accident in the job place but I did not do this so many times: I made a mistake bacause i believed that is was not neccessary to do, and the problem is that the industry could be fined due to my error....last december I spent in my vacations almost 20 days just at bed eating a lot...thinking...anxious....sad.....someone told me that it is terrible mistake...anotherone told me that yhe industry could be fined just if it is denunced....i feel bad because if my boss notices that I made this mistake i could be fired....I think in my familly...I earn a good monthly god......even I have thought that the industry could ask me me to pay the fine.....please, i ask for your kind opinion...

First, let me congratulate you on our excellent English.

Because I do not know your customs and practices, I think you should get advice from a Venezualan.  All I can tell you is the following.

In North America, the advice would be to declare your errors to the appropriate person (not sure exactly what is meant by "an industry"), and apologize for them. Offer to explain why you made that error, and what steps you are taking (or have taken) to ensure that nothing similar will ever happen again under your jurisdiction.

Include the full accident report if you have it, or state that it will follow shortly. And that if there is to be a financial penalty, you will be willing to pay it personally.

Over here, that is usually quite sufficient to put an end to it, and provide a second chance, because it suggests that you will do a more careful job in the future than any other person.

Thanks for asking us, and good luck.


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