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I was watching a episode of Lock Up Raw and they had a dude in a straight jacket talking about committing suicide. The guards were laughing at him and saying that prisoners often threaten suicide when they realize they aren't in control of anything. They get mad when the feeding schedule isn't predictable or when other aspects of possible routine vary. There often given the proverb stating you can't control others but you can control yourself. They come up with work out routines and other strengthening exercises that may help them avoid anything from rape to finical lack. I found this interesting and I'd like to read more the topic of control loss. Would my best bet be to get a book on autonomy or is there something you can recommend on prison psychology in general.

You raise an interesting topic, and one that has attracted considerable comment and research. I would suggest that the simplest way for you to start would be to google this:

prisoner + loss of control

Hope that helps, and thanks for asking us.


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