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I know i have asperger's,  but I was wondering if it's normal for an aspie to have trust issues? When I meet someone I decide if I can trust them or not within a minute, and that decision stays. If I don't trust a person I don't feel comfortable talking to or being around them. I only trust my mum and my teacher... is this normal?

You probably know more about it than I do, sofi-mae, but I am not aware of the relational aspects of aspies including distrustfulness. However, both trust issues and asperger's exist on a scale, so maybe your distrusting level is high, and the extent of your asperger's is low.

If I may suggest, the web has lots of accurate and clear information on Asperger's that you will find easier to locate than it was for you to access me.

I thank you for asking us, and wish you the best in becoming one of the many aspies who seem to grow out of the condition.


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