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QUESTION: In order to understand a human person/being you will need a lot of knowledge and wisdom. You will e.g. need the biological, the neuoroscientific, the behaviour perspective. You will also need philosophy in order to get a good philosophical anthropology and to understand how to classify diagnoses. Maths would be important in order to understand statistics that is used in different psychologic studies.
I remember reading about psychology as the hub science. And you will also need to have wisdom that comes from meeting real human persons.
What is your view on this?

ANSWER: Hi, Anders, not sure I know what you are seeking here, but I agree with what you said. If you are looking for more details, perhaps you can f/u w a more specific question?

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QUESTION: I want to study psychology and learn more about humans. Do you have any great tips for regarding what I wrote before? Would I need to study all those subjects?
And how much should be spent in studying and how much should be spent with actually meeting real human beings?

wow, now that's a tough one. A life long journey, that is. The best advice I have is to learn about oneeself, because the more you know about yourself, the more you know about others. Do psychotherapy, do the Landmark Forum (, do martial arts, zen and the art of archery, etc. Read books such as 'the fifty minute hour' and 'If you meet the Bhudda on the Road, Kill Him". Enlightenment is a journey, not a destination. Try to find masters to learn from, although you can also learn from hacks. Learn logic, the scientific method, read 'thinking, fast and slow', and argumentation. Check out Ken Pope's website. BTW, I don't know any way to avoid real human beings, or how to meet with fake ones. Also, the human experience is quite messy; you cannot learn it from books alone, although some books can enlighten one's perception of the human experience by pointing to it.

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