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Fist, thanks for the great answer to Laura (ex-addict) spot on! I am a devout Christian, don't do porn, etc. but lately have been having the most erotic xxx rated type dreams, and it bothers me that when I sleep I lose control of my mind..i.e. the dreams. I live a very clean (by society's standards) life and am celibate. Could this be causing the dreams? this denial of the flesh? Do not think this life style is natural, but don't know how to fuse my beliefs and the needs of my body.  Any thoughts would be appreciated....thanks

Dreams can be so vivid and thematically rich that most cultures focus on what they seem to mean. In fact, a major episode in the OT is (if I remember right) Joseph's interpretation of the pharaoh's dreams about the seven fat kine and the seven skinny kine. More recently, a major platform of psychoanalysis is dream interpretation. So you'd think we'd know how to interpret dream content.

But the sad fact is that we know nothing about dreams except for a few disconnected facts about periodicity and physiological concomitants, and various theories about what they're for. More specifically, about dreams involving sexual arousal (physically and cognitively in both males and females), we know nothing, and anyone offering to interpret yours is making it up.

I have heard that young men who don't ejaculate when awake are more likely to do so in a dream-related episode (the appealingly logical "pressure build-up" explanation), but am not aware of any research on this. Maybe the science of urology has an answer.

It might help for you to realize that we do not have full control over our minds in lots of contexts, and absolutely zero over dream content. But if it doesn't help, you might consult with someone you accept as a religious authority, because my profession offers no answers beyond what I've outlined here.

Thanks for asking us, and the best of luck in getting your concern resolved.


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