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hey :)
I'm 19 and I may have a kind of social anxiety , I'm starting university as a freshman in 2-3 weeks ,I'm a little bit concerned about some things like talking in small groups , being in the center of attention or the most frightening : presentations but I'm optimist that things will be better that I acually see them now ( at leat I hope so ) and I will be able to deal with them alone
my question is if I needed some profesional help in some point how should I tell my parents ? I tried to bring up the subject before when I really needed it but I wasn't "brave" enough to do it , I think I'm afraid they will treat me differently or see me as weak .
by the way , I asked a question before and I have to admit that you are auosome and very helpful, thank you very much :D
and sorry if my writing isn't that good , I'm not  a native English speaker

Hey, your writing is quite flawless and I would not have guessed.

I'm sure your parents care about you more than anyone else in the world, but that doesn't mean they are able to provide objective therapeutic advice and not worry while doing so. However, every university I know of is full of new students with the same concerns as yours, and trained, professional counselors to talk with about it.

Universities are complex, and you have to get familiar with what to do, where to go, and what courses to take, so start your research now. Add to your questions where is the counseling or student services or psychological support office, what is it called, and how do you make an early appointment.

Being 19 generally means having social anxiety. But I promise you that 19 is a self-limiting condition, and if you're in J'lem, I may have a contact for you.


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