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Very often I get an overwhelming feeling that I am going to die at an early age. I began to panic each time. Something in the back of my head keeps telling me that when I was very young someone or something told me I would die at an earl age. What is this called?

There is "death anxiety" and "thanatophobia" (fear of death) but I think you were asking about a premonition based on an assumed prediction heard in childhood, which I'm not aware of terminology for.  (Death anxiety is not all that rare, except for the apparent intensity in your case.)

When the fear is attached to it happening at an early age, the condition is self-limiting, from the time you survive past whatever you take that age to be. But people, even perfectly intact, normal, and articulate ones, are subject to various concerns, and that's what mental health professionals are there for. I'm not saying you necessarily need help, but that you may get considerable relief from talking with a practitioner such as a clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist. For instance, the first might discuss strategies for dealing with the feeling; the second might broach anti-anxiety medication.

Hope that somewhat answers your question Mariana, and thanks for asking us.


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