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Okay , Long story short , I hit my head 5 years ago pretty bad. I felt as tho I slipped away from this world because I seen something in relations to the Apocalypse from The Book Of Revelations in The Bible. Ever since then I have not been the same and im only 21 ... Yu would think that when Yu hear of a person screaming " THE END IS NEAR "  , Yu picture a crazy , deranged drug addict... IDK , I have a child and a life but I cant shake what I saw and feel ... Ive never felt the same since and no im not holy holy nor do I rarely go to church and that's what scares me even more !! Ive had 8 CT Scans and 2 spinal taps and NOTHING! , Doctors seen nothing but I feel it all ... I feel like my brain is leaking out and the more time that passes the more and more I feel lost of control ... What I feel , how I think , who I am , is leaving me , I feel like there is another me inside of me , a me that I know but don't know ... But at the same time , the me inside of me , makes me greatness ... How can I share this pain , there are times that I just taste pure blood , blank stairs like im brain dead , scared at ever turn because I see the spiritual and flesh world .... No day goes by that makes me wonder what if I didn't know this news that I ever so dearly feel as tho GOD put me to share and save as many as I can ... And it didn't start at 16 , but I seen at 16 , and now for me to be turning 22 , its time to start the NBE .... GOD said Blessed is the one who understands the numbers and im living the 5 because 7 has left and 8 is now ...

This is a lot to consider. I will do my best...

At the outset, I feel I should mention that your question is a little confusing, particularly in the way it is written. Is this the way you usually communicate in writing or were you using shorthand as if this was a text? Just curious as I am looking at the totality of your inquiry and I was having a bit of trouble understanding it all.

First off, I have a few questions:

1--It seems you have been subjected to many medical tests. Were the doctors evaluating you neurologists? Tests are only as good as the people who read them and interpret them so I would make sure you were seeing a board certified neurologist for your work up.

2--Have you been evaluated by a psychologist? What you are telling me could possibly be the result of brain trauma OR a psychological disorder. It is sometimes difficult to tell which one of these are the primary issue and they both impact on each other. I would get a psychological workup as soon as possible to see what is the origin of this problem.

3--Because I am merely a long-distance person answering specific questions, I cannot give any evaluation other than the very superficial. You say in your post that this "didn't start at 16, but I seen at 16 , and now for me to be turning 22, its time to start the NBE."  What s the NBE? Why did you say that this did not start at 16? Were you having hallucinations and feelings of greatness and some mission from god before you hit your head?

These are all very important questions to consider. Once you find a trusted psychologist or psychiatrist, I would tell him or her all of these considerations. That way this professional will be able to give you the best understanding of this problem and can recommend a path toward healing.

Thank you for reaching out. It is evident you are worried and want to try to get back to some peaceful place in your mind. That can happen with the proper help.

I wish you all the best.  

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I would like to answer under the category of Psychiatry and Psychology. However, I would like to see a separate category for Psychotherapy/Psychoanalysis. I do not answer questions about medications as I do not prescribe. My expertise is in psychotherapeutic treatment.


I am a psychotherapist and psychoanalyst who specializes in the treatment of mental health issues caused by childhood trauma, domestic abuse, eating disorders, relationship difficulties, and a wide variety of psychological disorders. The kind of therapy I do is often referred to as deep therapy, talk therapy, or psychoanalytic therapy. Please note that I am not against medications and when managed well, medication can be an adjunct to psychotherapy intervention. I think it is important for the public to realize that psychodynamic or psychoanalytic psychotherapy DOESmake changes not only in people's minds but those changes can also be detected in their brain structure. Psychotherapy and psychoanalysis are powerful interventions to help people change their lives from the inside out.

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