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Hello and thanks in advance for your help.
For 9 years I supported my husband working at a big box retailer. He did contracting as he could get the jobs but I was the primary income.
My job was really stressful as management wasn't kind to their employees so for the last few years I cut my hours to two 9 hr days as my health took a dive and doctors wanted me to quit because I gained anxiety (which led to panic attacks at work) fairly severe irritable bowels and enough of a spike in blood pressure that additional medication was prescribed.
Recently my husband got fantastic news. He scored a full time job! We have one vehicle (no public transit here) and given the cruddiness of my job, I quit. I feel so relieved and happy!
The problem is I now don't want to leave my house. I'm the kind of person who can't stand being home usually and used to hang out at my sister's 2 days a week. Now I don't want to see anyone or leave to do anything. I don't feel sad. I'm excited about the change but I'm confused by my sudden withdrawal. Is this some kind of weird depression?
I am still on the anxiety medication which also should help with depression (bupropin) and had ptsd as a kid, which has seemed to be okay for years.
Thanks again for your help.

"The problem is ...."

Why do you consider this a problem? Home is where there's safety, familiarity, comfort, predictability, ... and lots of people leave only as required. Now you don't have to, and you prefer not to, and I don't see a problem with that.

Does this mean you're heading to hermit status? By no means necessarily (unless you're certain that not even a house fire would drive you out).

The other thing is that psychoactive medication is somewhat individual -- in how people respond and how that changes over time. You seem to be pretty self-aware, so why don't you monitor your state, perhaps with a view to tapering the dose down (in consultation with the prescriber).  

If I haven't answered your question send a follow-up. Meanwhile, thanks for asking us Santana and I hope what seems to be a positive turn in your life continues.


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