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Is it possible to change habits ?
My problem is that i am too lazy, i have got a brilliant brain but I dont work hard enough, actually i dont even work hard, so as to give my best...

I want to give me best, I want to work on my full potential...

For example, I have my board exams from month of march. And I havent even covered 50% of my portion yet...
And I know that I AM capable of 90%+ even if i start studying now, which is all i want to do.

I know this because I've once done a thing - I had completed my entire physics portion in just 4 days right from the begining during my preboards. I was very much happy with my performance in those four days, and I say it that my performance was at 80%, I could have done more than that.

I want to do this again, and this time from now till my board ends on 27 of march...

But now, I find myself slacking off, listening music, playing video games, at the times when i should be studying...
I find lack of will in myself. I just want to give my 80% performance once again. I want to alter my neuro pathways which are already formed.

I want to make me parents proud of me.

May I be helped ?

Hi, Raj, thanks for your question. My answer is - yes, there is hope, but you may not like the solution. Generally, we all favor short term gains over longer term ones, even though we know the long term ones are much better. Given a choice, most people, most of the time, choose the short term fun. So, the solution is to change your environment to make it very difficult, if not impossible, to engage in the short term behavior. For example, that might mean giving away your music and video games, TV, or anything else that might be distracting. You might have the people around you severely punish you anytime they see you not studying. It's no fun at all, even downright ugly. However, that is the choice that one is faced with. For any goal, one has to give up other goals. It's common sense, really, because you cannot do everything. The problem that people have is that they want both the long term and short term benefits. But you cannot have both. You must choose one or the other. So, make your choice, then do what it takes to make it happen. Imagine working at a job - you get paid at the end of the week, but first you have to work for a week. You want to only work half a week, but get paid for the whole week. Don't delude yourself into pretending you can have both. Choose - a life of sloth and fun, ending up your life having nothing, or a life of struggle, ending up with pride and results. Then, after you have chosen, tell everyone what your choice is. It won't be a surprise to them, because they already know the choices you have made thus far, based on your behavior and results. In fact, it's obvious to them, they just haven't said anything, perhaps out of politeness

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