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Hi, I'm 17 and in the past few months I've changed from the optimistic person I've always Been to someone who rarely finds reasons to be happy. sometimes I'm so depressed that I want to commit suicide but on other days it's like nothings wrong. Not that I'm happy, but more like indifferent rather than depressed. what's happening? Thank you for your time!

Well, I think that what's happening is that you're 17.  That can be a tough age for many people, but I promise you that it's a totally "self-limiting" condition.

Still, even though you won't stay 17 forever, there's no reason you should have to go through mood changes and self-threatening thoughts, and I can't from here take away the punctuation you put in the Subject box.  

So why don't you discuss it with a qualified professional, who can either suggest ways of more effectively dealing with these moods, if that's all it is, or if it's true clinical depression, have you try some anti-depressant medication to restore proper brain chemistry.  Or suggest regular discussion meetings -- or a combination of the above.

You could see a psychiatrist or a clinical psychologist, preferably after discussing it with your parents and a school counsellor if there is one -- in the hope that they will open some doors for you.

In the meantime, thanks for asking us, and if you have a follow-up question, please feel free.


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