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Some people have zero psychiatric diagnoses. Some people have one diagnoses. Some people have three diagnoses.
Who will have the most problems in life?

ANSWER: the dead one

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QUESTION: what? What do you really mean by that?

Hi Andrew, What I mean is that your question is not answerable, in that there are thousands or millions of possible answers. It is too vague, too hypothetical. I gave you one obvious answer, that is true. Dead people have HUGE problems functioning in life, in that they do not function at all. you question is inscrutable, as in "what is the sound of one hand clapping" (Bhuddism), or "what is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything" (hitchhikers guide to the galaxy - which I highly recommend, BTW). Similarly, you could ask "Some people have zero cats. Some people have one cat. Some people have three cats. Who will have the most problems in life?" As you may see, there is no way to answer the question, except "it depends".

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15 years as a licensed psychologist, 15 years in private practice. My practice began primarily doing individual and group psychotherapy, is now devoted to assessments, but I occasionally do take on clients in therapy.

American Psychological Association

B.A. psychology, B.A., music, Ohio Wesleyan U., 1978 MCS, computer science, University of Dayton, 1984 MA, psychology, Miami Inst. of Psychology, 1991 Psy.D., psychology, Miami Inst. of Psychology, 1993 post doctoral training in Neuropsychology, Fielding Institute, 1995-1997

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