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Hi my name is Cynthia, well I tend to zone out/space out a lot , and then random stuff pops in my head like an event (it could be good or bad) something that is going to happen later in the future and I start to get this feeling like "gut feeling" and I always tend to ignore it. But it always ends up coming true, like the same event/picture I saw in my head. My friends say i'm really weird and different from others but I don't tell them what is going on because they may think i'm crazy. I just told my best friend, she told me to listen to my instincts and be prepare for whatever. This has been happening to me since like 9th grade I think. One of the reasons I ignore it is because most of the time is negative stuff sometimes is positive stuff. I'm more like a positive out going person. Lately this has been happening a lot to me, right now i'm having family issues. Sometimes I get clues and is like a puzzle I have to put together and when I do is like everything makes sense. I feel when something is about to happen I get signs like the way I feel (anxious, worry, weird, uncomfortable). I'm not bipolar. But I always ask my self what this is, is kinda cool and creepy. Well I tried my best explaining my self, I really hope you can help me. Please get back at me whenever you can. Thank you very much.

You know, Cynthia, we don't have a lot of control over where our mind goes when it's visualizing on its own. But in your case it sounds like you have good intuition, and that makes you seem accurately predictive. That's fine, and nothing to be concerned about. I'd say just let your mind go where it wants, and enjoy the trip.

Sometimes it might be helpful to record your premonitions (if that's what they are) in a diary, so you will have a record of just how accurate (or not) they are.

Most everyone has family issues at times.  Try to be as pleasant and understanding as you can, remembering that some day you'll have your own family to deal with.

Hope that helps a bit, and please feel free if you have a follow-up question.


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