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i have been experiencing dreams about someone following me to kill me, some men wanting to molest me or my parents abandoning me with my younger brother, or i'm murdering some men out of my concern for my family, for in my dreams they were seen threatening my family. i wake up with these disturbed dreams and with the lack of concentration on my professional front for days. i brutally kill people who threaten my family just to ensure they wont resurrect back and threaten us again. these dreams have been occurring since my teenage while i experienced lots of relationships problems.

Mansi, there are many books available on the meaning of dreams, and even on how you can control what you dream about. And we do scientifically know a great deal about the physiology of sleep and dreaming (when it occurs, and what happens to your body during them).  

But the books are all nonsense, because we don't know the purpose of sleep and especially of dreaming, and absolutely nothing -- I repeat NOTHING -- about the meaning of dream content.

The best theory (in my opinion, of the five-odd ones available) is that we dream periodically in order to exercise the visual neuromusculature, which would have been adaptive for our primate ancestors. They lost their night vision (in exchange for better day vision) and kept out of trouble at night by sleeping quietly in trees. But if attacked while asleep, they would have to jump to another branch, which requires good binocular vision. Dreaming makes the eyes and visual brain areas activate, to improve that aspect of vision. What you actually dream about is irrelevant and meaningless, as long as you dream about something.

So if that's correct, don't give a second thought to what you dream about. (Incidently, we're aware of only those dreams we happen to have as we wake up.)  Thanks for asking us, and I hope that puts your mind at rest.


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