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Respected sir my wife had operation due to miss delievery. After that she is continually thinking that something bad is going to happen with her. Her parents met many doctors but the prolem couldnot be solved.

Anilsinh, I am sorry for your wife's loss. Remember, her baby died, and that is always upsetting more to the mother than other relatives.

Maybe all she needs is time. Maybe the most help would be your support and comfort, and that of her parents.  Maybe she can get help from a mental health professional like a clinical psychiatrist or psychiatrist, but I do not know what is available in your community. If she is religious, maybe a local leader can help her state of mind.  Maybe you can find a support group for bereaved mothers.

Perhaps you can try to find out whether she is afraid generally, or only that the same thing will happen to the next pregnancy. If she feels it was somehow her fault, you might like to try to convince her that usually it is the husband's genes.

Sorry I can't fix what happened, but I hope some of my comments will prove useful. Meanwhile, I am glad that she has such love and close support from those who are closest to her.


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