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Why do I get nervous talking to people that I don't talk or meet often?
Actually I want to ask that why do I get nervous or cant talk to my teachers and the people that I don't talk or meet often even when I can talk endlessly to my friends,mom and other people that I meet and talk often.

It's a form of shyness called "public speaking anxiety" or more commonly "stage-fright." It usually shows up when you have to give a talk to an audience, but can also appear when you address a small group or even an individual, especially if unfamiliar or of high status.

It is the most common form of situational anxiety that there is. We could almost say that someone who never experiences it is abnormal!

There are various strategies for dealing with it, depending on the circumstance. Here's one, to solve the problem related to your teachers.

Tell the teacher, "Could I talk to you? I wanted to because I get very nervous, even frightened when talking to a teacher, and I wanted to make myself do it, to get some practice." You see, Aditya, by declaring the problem at the outset, you don't have to worry if you sound or act nervous, and you will have the teacher's understanding. And the more you do it, the more accustomation will replace the "stranger danger" reaction you were having.  

(Generally, people who are a bit shy are preferred over those who are brash and dominating, so you don't want to change too much!)

I hope that helps a bit. Thanks for asking us, and the best of luck to you.


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