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I had awful health-problems for many years. I got cured except for one unpleasant symptom. I find I sometimes talk aloud, uttering my thoughts, and only realise I have done so when others react negatively to my utterances, either that or I speak my thoughts out loud before I can stop in time.Even worse, the words I utter tend to be offensive to others in some way, whether sexual or otherwise - and, the more I associate with groups of others, the more likely this sort of thing happens. (I suspect that, due to past trauma, my subconscious wants to avoid the stress of human contact and so it gets me to say unpleasant things at random moments in order to get me expelled from human contact by others). I am wondering what condition this symptom is connected to? Also, what can I do to remove this? I would want to avoid medication and am hoping for other solutions, though I am open to all suggestions. Thanks!

Hello Geoff,

You do not say what those other health problems were. It might be useful to know that so I can have a clearer picture of what has been going on in your life.

The problem you describe sounds very much like Tourette's Syndrome, a syndrome that starts out in childhood. Although it is much more prevalent in males (which you are), it is highly unusual for the symptoms to appear after the age of 18. I would ask you if you or your family noticed any repetitive behaviors such as tics or vocalizations that occurred involuntarily when you were young. That would be helpful in understanding what is going on with you.

You have explained this phenomenon as a reaction to social anxiety and you may be right. You indicate that you have experienced past trauma but did not explain what that was. Certainly, trauma and the anxieties and reactions subsequent to that trauma could explain all kinds of unusual behaviors. You mention you think it might be your subconscious trying to protect you. That leads me to think you are very psychoanalytically minded.

I am curious if you have ever received any psychotherapy and whether or not you found that helpful. That would be my first find a very good psychotherapist for an evaluation. If she or he feels that medication could possible help you, you will be referred to a psychopharmacologist who can prescribe meds but you will continue the therapy separately. If this condition is related to childhood Tourette's Syndrome, then there are no good medications that will help and the first line of treatment is psychotherapy.

I hope this has been helpful. I wish you all the luck!

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