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Hi, I would like to ask on behalf of my father. He is 60 years old now and have few illnesses such as gout, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

In this whole time with my father, he seems to have some unreasonable anger issues when he is angry such as cursing us with not so nice words, throwing things around on the floor, blasting music loudly. It seems he gets easily irritated over minor things like forgotten to pay the bills, or forgotten to buy him lunch, or didnt do things his way. And after he cooldown, he treat us good again.

We had good days with him where he is alright and smiles, and then a minor slip up makes him explode up which will take 1-2 days to cooldown (its like an average of 1-2 months, he will have one or two episodes of this).Its more like walking on eggshells now as we have to be careful on what we do daily that will not irritate his anger behaviour.

Since he is retired, most of the time he seems to be antisocial and stays at home sitting on the sofa doing nothing(not even watching TV), sleeping alot, drinks and smokes everyday.

I am not sure is he suffering from depression as he does not have the tendency to suicide but we feel like he is feeling hopeless and just waiting for his time to come. He does not enjoy doing activities anymore. We do have a stressful life of financial issues that even my mum now has been diagnoses with depression.

I would like to bring him to a psychatrist which is gonna be hard since he never admits he has a illness. The main thing is, Im gonna meet the doctor first and explain the whole situation and I dont know what to explain to the doctor on what form of illnesses he might has. I suspect is depression based on my research online which he might express in anger form. Do you have any suggestions on what should information I should read on?

Sorry for the complicated story, as I am really lost on what is he suffering from.

You don't have to come up with a diagnosis or treatment plan: that is the doctor's job.  You just have to tell the story, just the facts.  It is easier if you do -not- make interpretations. Your father is anger, he is under financial stress, he does not socialize much since retirement -- all facts, they are not necessarily related or explain anything.  

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