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hello , this is my first time posting my problem i am 23 years old male and my problem started 1 year ago when i was in Amsterdam however before that when i took MDMA ďmollyĒ in ibiza and when i got to amsterdam i took magic mashroom that day when i slept and woke up i was never the same , weird thing happened the next morning i was having all kinds of flashes of creepy and disturbing images associated with bad feelings like being detached from reality and unfamiliarity , those images sometimes being weird lonely places like an abandoned old factory or the some memories i have but turned creepy and lonely somehow , there was a panic attack that lasted for 3 minutes , i canít help but remember that that day i was thinking that maybe we all died on the airplane and i am trapped in an illusion of some sort . in that time i used to also smoke pot but abstained from it to this day . 6 months passed until i decided to se a psychatrist , he then described me an SSRI and an anti psychotic to help me sleep without giving me a diagnosis , next 6 months  i was 90% better however i discontinued my meds , i went on a vacation and did molly - coke agin and after a month i relapsed .

my issues can be summarized in these :
when remember my old beautiful memories i canít remember the emotions back then and hence i canít feel nostologic like i used to before .
some places like my old junior school which i had most of my beautiful childhood memories was altered some how and turned to creepy .
dreams and sleep : before everything happened i used to have beautiful dreams dreams that i sometimes awake being happy and with feelings when i recall them , but now i have vivid dreams that give me bad feelings really bad feelings even after i wake up and recall them it gives me a strange creepy feelings , and everyday i wake up i feel exhausted and i feel this weakness in my legs and thighs like i have a hard time getting up
some old like very very old dreams i had when i was a kid pops in my mind sometimes and also along with it this disturbing feeling .
i feel that i lost a piece of my soul the day i sleep after i ate the mushroom cause i woke up with a feeling of enstrangment to myself and unfamiliarity .
i have a chest pain that comes when i think of terrible things along with sweating
most of the time i think the world is not real somehow

what is my diagnosis ?
my relapse was because of either me discontinuing the meds or doing drugs agin so
should recontinue my meds and for how long since i relapsed ?

one thing i should mention is that in the place i live there so no good psychiatric practice which made me resort to get help online.

Yes, mind altering drugs alter the mind, and the effects can last for some time.  The hallucinations you experienced were not real, although they may have been pleasureable or frightening, or both at the same time.

The most inportant thing for you now is to NOT use any drugs.  You appear to be super sensitive to them, as evidence by ongoing vivid dreams.  

The mind should re-adjust itself over time, as long as you stay absolutely clean from substances, and that would even include alcohol not just psychedelics.  

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