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I heard that lucid dreams can replicate the real world fairly convincingly and it allows you to do anything you want, whether it be flying or punching through a brick wall. I'm tempted to try it but I'm afraid of sleep paralysis, a condition experienced by most lucid dreamers. I feel that lucid dreaming would give me an opportunity to relive my past and correct the mistakes that I have done. I could also practise certain skills such as the piano to improve in real life. Maybe even reinforce what I studied during the day while waking up fully refreshed from a night of sleep. Another thing I'm afraid of is the ease of which the nature of the dream changes. If I spontaneously think of something scary like the clown from It, would it come to haunt my dreams? I would definitely appreciate your opinion on this matter.

Hi John

What you heard, and what you subsequently feel, is totally wrong -- at least as far as proper science knows.

There is plenty of "pseudoscience" on many subjects, including dreams, but you can get more accurate information from sites such as Wikipedia.

Hope that answers your email, and thanks for asking us.


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