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Hello Mr. Alan,

Setting aside all things that have gone about in my life, I have a particular question:

In my mind people are speaking to me, like my Uncle, or a friend for example, and I believe most of them are actually making up such sentences.

note that I don't hear with my brain, but my ear is how I hear but the formation of sentences is in my brain.

Any advice?



Assuming that your interest doesn't extend to making dolls of perceived enemies and cutting off their heads, and the voices aren't telling you to do things you shouldn't, my advice is simply to decide (a) if this (your preoccupation and your hearing voices) constitutes a problem for you, and (b) if so, is it enough of a concern to want to do something about it.

If the answer to both is "yes," why don't you start with a clinical psychologist (online listings, Yellow Pages, the CA Psychological Association, your family doctor, a mental-health clinic, the Help Line), make an appointment, outline your situation and why it's a problem for you, and ask if and how the practitioner can help with it.  Then you make the critical decision of whether to go for it, to look for a different clinician, or to see if perhaps I can offer anything else based on your experience.

If it matters to you, this is the type of client experience that psychologists deal with all day long, so you should not feel in the least awkward or embarrassed. That's what they're there for.

I hope that helps a bit, and thanks for asking us.


I thought your question indicated it originated in California but I may have misread it.
Thanks for your feedback ratings, and good luck to you.


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