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Hi again, Allen. You answered my question about my haunting childhood memories. Just to verify, you do not think that they meant something serious? Turned me into something? Or mean something right? Although, I understand it might be tempting to tell me that you cannot help me anymore or I need treatment, I ask you to answer my question. This issue is pretty important to me, and it would be very encouraging that a 30 yr psychology teacher doesn't think they are serious. Please answer my questions here. I will give you good ratings and NO follow ups. Thanks

Hi again Damian

It's been a while, I've answered thousands (literally) of questions here, and I'm afraid my memory isn't as good as I'd like, so I hope I recall our earlier discourse well enough.

I don't think you need help with what the memories mean, nor do I think that is an important or serious issue.

The concern seems to be your feeling of uncertainty, discomfort, and perhaps some foreboding. And this is what I think you would greatly benefit from talking over with a practitioner.  

I promise it won't hurt. And if you feel awkward about starting, you could offer a printout of your back-and-forths with us. You've done all the work, so why not take advantage of it.


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