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I experience intrusive thoughts, involving very inappropriate content. They pop in my mind without my control, presenting as impulses, thoughts or images. More I try to suppress them , more they intensify. I frequently worry what would someone think if they knew this. But I really have no control over them. And I also have a fear, that if I have a dream related to them, this will confirm that I have been liking them unconsciously. Since I worry about them often, there is a big chance I might dream about them. Are these thoughts common? Do they mean something? Do people like yourself have them too? I understand that your help is limited by the computer, but please try to put my mind at ease please. Thank you very much

The content of your thoughts may be related to anger or sexuality for example. To reduce the effect, the content itself should not be resisted. You can choose action more than thoughts and emotions. Do not act on the thoughts but do choose not to harm others.

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