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Hello, My 22 yr old nephew has recently been DX with Bipolar 1, he is on risperdone, lamicatal and klonopin as needed .      The problem I have is he lives between Florida and NH , back and for the from 1 parent to another. The DX was made in Florida , and the parent could not stop him from returning to NH as he is of age.Or atleast that is what she was told. So now he is in NH with his father who does not have a clue about mental illness and he just doesn`t seem interested .   Sooo, I being the Aunt, I am getting him set up set with therapist and Psychiatrist and a Family Dr.    . We live in a small town, so big problem is that no one can see him until approx. 6 weeks and he will run out of his meds. Friday I helped him fill out paperwork and release of info from Florida.  But am being told it will be awhile for appt.     ^ weeks or possibly 7 .. Sorry for rambling,     Bottom line is he is going to run out and I do not know how to get him a refill for May 1st.          I do know he should have stayed in Florida and waited until they NH Drs. had all the info and had appointments ready. I do realize that, it was out of my control and his parents just don`t seem to take this serious and they did not look into the fact that it would be awhile to get appts. So I do not know what to do when his meds need to be refilled. I am in a panic , he can to just stop his Risperdone , he is los on n axiety med , Klonopin and a mood stabilizer , Lamictal.  Is there any way possible to get a one month refill from someone? I am so worried , and again I myself knows he should have stayed in Florida,    parent there did not look into this road block.    Thank you

Hi Sally

For the immediate issue, you could contact the Fla pharmacy that filled the script and ask for a refill (or refills) to tide him over -- especially if you can get someone to pick it up and forward it to you. (Shipping Rx meds out of state is not done lightly.) Or you could phone the pharmacy Fla, explain, and ask about their or your phoning or faxing the prescriber about authorizing the pharmacy to mail you or the parent a tide-over refill -- if you can solve the problem of payment for it. Third option is to phone the "six weeks" receptionist, explain the urgency, and ask for a brief apt to prevent a possible disaster.

(I didn't quite understand "... he can to just stop his Risperdone , he is los on n axiety med , Klonopin and ... Lamictal" but I don't think that matters.)

For the more general situation, maybe you can get a referral to someone from one of the three offices, or find a clinical social worker or somesuch, to discuss management issues with you and/or the NH parent. Also ask if there are any community resources designed to support people like your nephew or their caretakers.

Finally, may I congratulate you for your efforts to handle this. Hoping the above helps a bit and wishing you success with your understandable concern,


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