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Dr. Harrop,
Am ment disabled WM 45 - Severe Depr/Anx/PTSD/OCD/ADHD.Psychs have had me on evthing from SSRI, antipsych, talk, ECT, TMS, to Keta. Injections. Nothing. (have many seemgly insurmountbl extern probs) was non func 2.5 years ago, and diag'd w/PTSD after wife (13y)accused me of horrible crimes, to cover up affair That I caught her in, & div me (took every cent we had, bought fancy car with all of our savings)THEN I got corrupt atty who stole from me, THEN judge gave her 100% $, house, furn, cars,, evthg. So then diagd later w/ptsd. Couldnt tk care of self. Mother WAS tkg care of me, but then her ex bf moved bk to town, in w/her, he had left her for 20y, but then his wife left, so showed up at my mother's door "Been in lv with her all those years" - she believed. He has almost finished off her retirement $.they kicked me out as soon as he mvd in. He tried to run over while I was in driveway, I jumped out of way just in time, crushed item that i had been holding.. I haven't seen or talked to anybody in over 2 yrs, since. ALL abandoned me. (No kids)
CAN you be SO LONELY that it puts you over edge?? i feel suicidal, or ab to rlly lose it - go crazy. Of all Ive bn thru, being isolated over 2y from human contact (phone or person) seems to be worst, feel like is actually killing me. Does this mk sense - this extreme total isolation? Cant bathe, fix food, do anythg, go anywhere. No heat for 2nd winter, sleep on bare gray concr floor (just dnt care). Eat only candy, cookies, soda). Mother tht I was 'bad talking her bf to relatives, so she told each of (relatives) SMTHG, that caused them to ALSO hv nthg to do w/me.  
But I have talked to parents) a few times they laugh/scoff at me being lonely. I am suicidal, they tell me:"When you get TIRED of lvg this pathetic life you'll "man-up", pull yrself up by bootstraps and make a better life". Bec I'm not yellow & bloated and weigh 80lbs, coughing up blood, they think mental illness is:"If you DECIDE you want to be HAPPY, or DECIDE u want to be SAD. Nothing more." I am so depressed and so lonely, SMTHG BAD ab to happn. Pls blv me! Do you agree  that mental illness can be THIS debilitating? ((Hosp'd 2x - much worse when got out)) What ab loneliness/isolation / no human contact -,can IT make you go over the edge?? Please hurry. I waited until too late, prob, to ask someone. Thk you SO much for your help.

Do you agree  that mental illness can be THIS debilitating?

Yes, mental illness can be very debilitating.  Even if you are not suicidal, there are various suicidal "hot lines" locally and throughout the country where you can get some basic information about resources that are available in your area to pull you out of this hole. I would suggest you get in contact with them today, or just walk into a hospital emergency room and an emergency worker there can find resources for you in your area.

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Dr. Daniel S. Harrop received his B.A. and his M.D., both from Brown, and his M.B.A. from the Edinburgh Business School, Scotland. Board-certified in adult and geriatric psychiatry, he is a past president of the R.I. Psychiatric Society and a member of the Committee on Medical Quality of the American Psychiatric Association and the Committee on Continuing Medical Education of the R.I Medical Society. He serves as a consultant to four of the top five major medical management companies, including OptumHealth/United Healthcare, Magellan Behavioral Health Services, ValueOptions and APS Healthcare, and maintains a private practice in Providence, R.I. He also serves as chief psychiatric consultant on the Medical Advisory Board at the R.I. Workers Compensation Court. He was formerly on the faculty at the medical schools at both Brown University and Harvard University.

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