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I'm 16. I need some reassurance. As many people of my age I've been obsessed with sexual activity. I have been obsessed with oral sex. And have always wondered how would that feel. Just to make things clear, I am straight. One day, alone with a female dog, there came an idea, what if I got her to perform oral sex on me. One thought led to another. And i thought it would be easy. And next thing you know I was emotionally excited. I would never do anything like this. But I am worried, does this mean I have beastiality. I have never been attracted to animals. But why did this thought excite me plus reassure sir.

Hi Tommy, and yes. And I'm worried for you.

You do have beastiality. In the same way that someone who buys a fellatio-simulation masturbation device (the name "Magic Wand" comes to mind) would be defined as guilty of machine-ality. Or the guy who buys a sex doll has doll-ality.  Or..., well I'm sure you get the idea. OK?

Two things worry me. (a) dogs don't do oral but they are carnivores so don't even THINK about something so potentially penis-perilous. (To respond to your last sentence, the forbidden and unusual is often exciting.)  (b) when you dream of getting something and finally do, it can be a bit disappointing because reality rarely quite lives up to imaginings. That's likely why most people fantasize during sex. The fantasy content can be harmful only insofar as you over-interpret it.  

Other than that, my friend, enjoy the urges (and, sadly, suffer the frustrations) of sexuality at sixteen. You will be 36, 66, and then 86 sooner than you think.

Thanks for asking us, and I hope that does it (if not, feel free to send a follow-up).


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