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I have a symptom which is highly embarassing and do not know in which category/condition to put it.Basically, when in the company of others, I sometimes get rushing thoughts which are rather unpleasant(offensive) and, unfortunately, I sometimes verbalise these thoughts out loud, sometimes not being fully aware I have done so unless other people have obviously heard it and show it with their body-language . I used to have all sorts of other mental and physical conditions/symptoms which I got rid of, but this is one symptom that has not disappeared. The impression I get is that my subconscious is so heavily scarred by former traum, that, when I am near groups of strangers, it forces me to say such unpleasant things in order to be expelled from human company. I suppose this could technically be termed "coprolalia" but this symptom of mine is not related to Tourette's and seems to be a different kind of thing from the dictionary term. Any ideas? Thanks!

If it is just thoughts, it falls into the range of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Coprolalia is part of Tourettes, a symptom not a disease of its own.  This would usually be handled by a return to psychotherapy and some thought blocking (or distracting) exercises.

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