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am so much obsessed and worried about my health worrying whether i would get erectile dysfunction. am completely normal and am getting good erections..even though i couldnt control those irrational getting early morning erection for 3 to 4 days per week..whenever i didnt get morning erection am feeling much that something is wrong in my body..please clear my mind regarding these thoughta and morning erection sir..whether it is neccesary that we should get morning wood for 365 days...i could sense that am completely normal but i couldnt resist these thoughts sir...leading to severe stress,,,please help me out

You are not alone in having these concerns, my friend. All I can tell you are two basic facts.

1. All physical abilities very gradually and slightly decrease with age. That's why you don't see 40- or 50-year-olds competing in the Olympics. This also applies to the frequency, extent, and duration of erections. (But as we get more experience, we learn what kind of stimuli are more arousing, which can compensate.)

2. The irregularity of morning erections is much less related to aging than it is to the sleep stage we happen to be in upon awakening. For instance, we experience a dream about every 90 minutes throughout our sleep. But we are aware of or remember a dream only if we wake during that stage. And only if we awake then, is it likely we will have an erection. (Bladder pressure may have a small influence as well.)

I don't know whether you will interpret those facts as good news or bad, but we have to face those facts, and I expect you will have a long and prosperous life ahead of you to enjoy.

Hope that helps a bit, all the best to you, and thanks for asking us.


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