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I am 17 and from India.
My question is here.
I would like to know if  extreme anxiety & uncertainty triggers depression.Suppose it is uncertain whether  the thing I love most is going to last awhile or not  .I mean there is enough chance for it to be snatched & I am always afraid of that .Can this make me depressed?
Your reply will be appreciated.

Arpan, I would need to know a little more in order to comment.  For instance, unfamiliar with Indian names, I don't know if you're male or female. Are you in school?  Living at home? What is your concern more specifically? Is there someone there you can talk to?

And when you get back to me, could you help me with something? I've recently received a dozen questions from India, and am curious how that happened. Did you search out Allexperts, or is there a site in India that has started to refer questioners to the site?


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