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Psychics/communication with buddy our dog


Hello, I would like to know if you see anything regarding a dear to us dog Buddy who actually we found on side of the road (at about 6 months) and kept.  He used to like to hug and we (mike 4-5-55) and i Dawn 10-24-58 7:15 sacramento/ca loved him so much.  He ended up getting out one day from our fence and bit a boy 13 in the leg and a police man came to the house and shot him.  It has been 2 years and was extremely devastating.  we did adopt a new dog DAO (had trouble naming him./ tried buddy/marcos/colby etc and have been calling him dao.  he is the sweetest dog i have ever know.  anyway, any thoughts.  we are trying to sell our home and no sale.  i am wondering if buddy doesnt want us to leave.  i want to take him with us if thats the problem

Hello Dawn, I think I have two questions from you and I have not answered the first - its not really my area and out of respect to the other experts whose area it is I have not addressed your question. There are quite a few other experts who can help with this.
I'm not too sure I understand what you are asking in regards to the dogs. The best way I feel I can help you is the explain a little of the background to living things so that you have a correct persepctive on all your animals. I am also a dog lover and take in not just dogs but any injured animal that I feel I can help - I've had upto 13 dogs at the same time. At the moment I just have two and one injured kitten since 2 weeks ago. I fully understand how painful and devastating loosing an animal can be. Anyway - let me say something about how all this fits together so that, while the sadness of loosing a pet will not pass, knowing the wider context will help you enjoy animals even more.

To keep things as clear as possible I'm going to make a list of facts that follow on from one another and together they make the bigger picture.

1. everything is energy - no exceptions.
2. energy can be physical or non-physical (it can have various dimensions none at all)
3. non-physical energy precedes physical energy, every physical thing you see has come from a thought first - which is non-physical.
4. as living things in a specific time space reality we are extensions of non-physical energy.
5. we come forth into physical bodies (in our case in 3-dimensional) for the purpose of experience, choice and expansion of conscioussness.
6. all energy is conscious, from elephants to the one-celled ameba in the ocean.
7. consciousness evolves and expands - it is the evolutionary nature of all energy that drives the universe and everything in it
8. energy is eternal. While physical forms have a sell-by date, from an ant to a star, the energy is conscious and eternal - there is no end to eternal energy - just passing physical extensions of it.
9. Birth of anything is the process of non-physical extending into physical form
10. The death if anything is the transition of energy back to its non-physical state - but it has evolved and expanded.
11. For the most part, energy stays within in species - human consciousness remains human always, dog conscioussness remains dog consciousness etc, one species does not evolve into another, although millions of years of evolution can significantly alter the physical attributes of a species.
12. We understand the eternal nature of our being when we are born. New borns are highly intelligent and bring a fluency with non-physical reality that the physical world soon trains them out of. By the tome we are 3 or 4 years old, we have already replaced much of what we intuitivel knew with the need to please and learn to deal with physical reality. Fear of pain and danger become increasing realities. Its an interesting thing to watch, despite hollywood tear-jerkers, how incredibly well younger children cope with the death of parents or siblings, the older the child the more the trauma. Society says it's becuase the younger child doesn't understand - in fact the reverse is true. They still have their original intuitive knwoledge that all things are eternal until some well-meaning grown ups teach them  that death is an end and some form of terrible mistake to be feared all your life.  

So lets turn to your animals. They are far better than we are at life death. While they have string survival instincts that continue to evolve, they do not get trained to fear or even mind death. Animals happily come in and out of existence understanding the eternal nature of themselves - they just dont have the misinformation and hang-ups we humans have developed and nutured over thousands of years. They neither mind or care how long they stay here, they come for fun, if they can run down the streest chasing something and risk getting hit by a truck they couldn't care less! They know they are eternal and they know they can return. Moreover, they know they can be physical again with the same humans if they wish - many people get the same pet energy back but in a different form. Look at Dao and see of you can figure out of this is Buddy back again for more physical experience and expansion. It might explain why you are having trouble finding a name - subconciously you maybe alreadt know the name name!

The sale of your house is another issue - nothing is stopping that other than the absence of a buyer - dont mix up your animals in that - they are not effecting seller/buyer potential.

If I were in your shoes, I would take 15 minutes every day of quiet time. I would sit comfortably and imagine and feel the feeling I will have assuming the house is sold as I wish. Literally, pretend it is sold and feel, in advance, how good that will feel to you - the releif and the excitement. Remember, non-physical precedes physical, nothing, NOTHING, happens unless consciouss energy is first motivated. At the moment you are a passive and somewhat helpless seller, you need to turn that around and become an active creater and you do that in your mind first - always, for everyone, everywhere - no exceptions. Focus your energy on how good it feels to have a buyer, not on how frustrating it is to wait and wait and no one offers. I'm not kidding and not playing with words here, the difference is everything.

Becuase I wasn't too sure what you were asking me I'm not too sure I have really answered your question but I hope I have been able to say something here that helps you at some level. Please accept my very best wishes, I promise you your pet will enjoy the move as much as you will, do these 15 minutes each day and a month will not pass before things start moving for you. Roy Pierce


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As an ordained minister, I have had 15 years experience in dealing with bereavement and bereaved people. Many have asked if it is possible to contact deceased people. I beleive it is possible for anyone to contact any non-physical reality and I have helped many people do this from different cultures, religions and countries.

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