My name is Randy. I'm not really sure if I came to the right person about this subject. But I thought heck lets give it a whirl. Okay so my problem/blessing is that ever since I moved into this new house my sister and I have been finding dimes in weird places. At first it was no big deal, but as time progressed I had noticed more and more dimes coming out of no where it seems. My first real "awakening" was when I had ventured into my attic (was supposed to be my bedroom) I found a dime in the middle of the floor. I had just swept the floor the day before and the way my room is set up no one can access it besides me. I hadn't even been in the room all day. Then I just started finding them everywhere, such as randomly on the kitchen sink, in the fridge even in my shoes I found three of them. Then it started getting really suspicious when my sister had mentioned that she was also finding dimes. We just moved into this house, I presume it to be paranormally active, I myself can sense and often see spirits. Now what really gets me is that my son was born 4 months ago tomorrow. His mother and I were not together at the time and had no contact with each other at all. So it's been about 3 weeks that I've been living here now (my sons mothers house) and since then I've found them even more often. Now if I haven't drawn your attention yet catch this, every single dime I have found has been heads up. So about a week later after moving in with my sons mother I went out for my usual smoke break. I lay my cigarettes on the table beside the door (so before I went outside there was not a single thing on that table). When I finish my smoke, I come back inside and find on the table a perfect stack of dimes, there was 6. Every single dime was heads up. Now though this had just started I think there is some kind of significant value to finding these dimes. If you could even give me an idea of how I would find out what this phenomenon means then I will start looking for the answer right away. Thank you greatly.

I think with all the heads up coins its a good sign. I am sure many people will give you many different impressions of this but I do believe these dimes are a form of communication between a spirit and yourselves. This might be someone who has been in your family who is trying to say hello and offer some help with the baby, or it could simply be a spirit who lived in the home you are now occupying and is enjoying the new energy. I did not feel a bad presence here at all and I did not feel the spirits around you were in any way trying to harm  any of you. It's been known that a spirit can try to offer a gift to their loved ones when they wish to show joy.  


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