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Psychics/Does my ex friend regret what they did?


I had what I thought was a good friendship with somebody who had initiated the friendship. They had an unstable family background  so I behaved like a mentor to them including helping them with their job and at times financially.
I found out suddenly their real thoughts and they accused me of blocking their friendships with other people (interesting considering this person usually does what they want, when they want)and bothering them.
I suspect I was slandered around our workplace by this person.
I had noted their moving away from our friendship but when I asked I had been met with denial. I'd like to think they are grateful for all the friendship they were given and they regret to some extent what they did.
There has no been closure from them despite my reconciliatory attitude the last time we spoke. They don't want to see me but they could have made a grown up gesture.
It's as if they feel wronged when I was the one publicly humiliated and the one who had been more giving in the friendship.
Can you give me some perspective on this ex friend?
Thank you very much.

Note - Please don't publish their name and dob although this is a public question. Irene, birthdate September 5, 1985.

Dear u have always had people that have been very jealous and envious of u, Even though u feel and maybe know they have nothing to be jealous of. But feom the outside loooking in ,Your life looks great n perfect although u know it is not. Whatever u have or have done u have done it alone. This has happened to u before even in through your love life. And i feel there is a deeper reason for all of this But i will have to be on live chat to know whats up for sure. Email me at we can discuss a better mode of communication. But.. All in all yes this person does know u were true to them but people have whispered lies and they believed them. But i do also feel there will be closure but hinestly it will never be the same.


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