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Hello, my name is Mandy and I was born in 1988. My year long relationship ended in January and it's still tough for me at times. His name was Ryan, born 1990. My question is: Do you see me meeting anyone in the near future, anything I should look out for?

You need to accept that your relationship with Ryan is over; you need to come to terms with what happened between both of you. And you need to have a strong hope that another guy will find you when you make yourself available in the dating game. Hope is what you need to really hold strong to is what I'm feeling Mandy (never lose hope, because then you're unconsciously sending a signal out to your future guy telling him you have given up on him... and he decides then to settle with another girl) Love is a tricky thing you see.... you create your own reality. If you make the wrong moves, you alone pay the price. But currently... just stay strong, and believe.
Further details at true love. if not, all the best.


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