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Hi,I'm just gone get straight to the point. Me(Danovia 6/3/1985) and my ex boyfriend (Brandon 9/21/1978? have been talking for three months and I had thought that our relationship would turn out to be great. until he had texted me over eleven text messages stating he was moving to quick into a relationship. Basically a break up text. So my question is will I here from brandon again?

As the ultimate question of will Brandon contact again is an intense process for me with energies of two broken-hearted people, this is not free to answer; as I value myself.

Meanwhile - the free brief answer - the situation you find yourself now in is not due to anything promised from Brandon's part, but illusions or is it delusions created in thin air on your part. You need to listen to your intuition (that little tiny voice whispering to you) over the red flags that presented it self to you on numerous occasions for I feel that you noticed them, but kidded yourself that things will turn out for the best. Stop daydreaming, and start living in this reality is what is the strong message to you.  


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