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Psychics/Long distance relationship?


QUESTION: My name is Josh, and I was born November of 86. My friend Danielle is coming to visit very soon. I've known her for a few years now as friends and have now been living in different states for about a year and a half. This past year she has traveled to visit me, and I her for a week. After her visit, I talked to her and told her my feelings which were surprisingly more mutual than I expected. Also, after I visited her, I told her I still had the feelings and offered for her to move in with me when she moves in February. She is now coming for a weekend visit for Thanksgiving weekend. I've pretty much warned her, I'm pursuing her. I guess the thing that worries me is that she has her own problems she is dealing with right now, which I wont disclose, and I've just been told I have Reactive Attachment Disorder, which makes any and all interpersonal relationships with any other persons extremely difficult and I'm constantly thinking that she is going to excommunicate me at the drop of a hat. Yes, even though I have no reason to believe that. I guess my question is kind of a three in one to be used for guidance. Is there anything to worry about leading up to this trip, what will happen during, and is there a future to this relationship?

ANSWER: her birth year?

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QUESTION: Ive a terrible memory. I know it is in October, and I'm fairly confident that the year is 89. However, there is a possibility that I am indeed mistaken and the year is actually the 88th.

I feel the question you should be asking is not whether Danielle will be stable, secure etc with you, but to question yourself on whether you will stay focused on her; will you be able to balance your darkness and your light or will you let things get wildly out of control and follow another lady in the coming future. Don't wait for Danielle to fix your life, or make you whole, but sort yourself out and then you will not have any worries. Please do not feel obligated, but further details at singledom, either an insight into dating Danielle, how she feels about you or mini insight, with a brief look at the future.


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