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Hello Stephen and thank you for reading this.  My name is Tiffany I was born 10/06/77, I live in the mountains of western North Carolina.  I'm five foot tall, natural blonde hair and blue eyes, weigh in at around 120 (ok 125), size 5 shoe.  The other important person involved is named Lucas and he was born 10/19/85.  He is currently in Denver Colorado.  His father is a native of Ecuador and Lucas comes with beautiful olive skin, dark eyes, and he's about 5'10".

We met in February, I responded to an ad he posted online.  It is a fact that this is not my normal behavior and Lucas swears he had never posted an online ad before.  My intentions were driven by a pure  physical need but his were not.  The title of his posting was "someone to help make my house a home".  We texted and talked constantly and saw each other when we could but, communication dropped off for a bit over the summer.  When we started talking again we picked up right where we left off.  Not long after he told me that during our brief period of no contact he had made plans to move to Denver with his sister.  Lucas is a humanitarian with a degree in political sciences and is on route to helping many people on very real levels. He left last weekend.  I knew that I would be a jerk to ask him to stay when I could make no real promises about the future and knowing that he has a greater destiny than just making my life better.  I have never been treated the way he treats me.  Every girl knows that we are supposed to be treated "right".  What we don't know is what "right" is until we feel it first hand.  I will now never be able to settle for less than what he has shown me exists.  

My Questions
1.  Will our love stand  the test of time and distance?

2. Should I ask him to come back?

3. When will we see each other in the flesh again?

As this is in the question pool, I am answering.
Please confirm Tifanny (1977) & Lucas (1985) are in a mutually consented relationship? Have you met in person yet? Are you both single?

Please provide ONE question you would like answered freely.


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