QUESTION: Will My yongest daughter father ever come back to me

ANSWER: Hi Alleesah, as this is in the question pool I am answering.
Kindly provide his first name and year of birth, as well as your details.
For my information, inform me how long you have been separated from him.

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QUESTION: Hi his name is Elvis an his birthdate is 9/16/79.....thanks

ANSWER: and your year of birth please?

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QUESTION: hi his name is elvis and his date of birth is 9/16/79 and my name is alleesah and date of birth is  8/10/82 and i just wonna know will he ever come back to me or if its just not meant to be.....thanks

As the ultimate question of will Elvis contact again is an intense process for me with energies of two broken-hearted people, this is not free to answer; as I value myself. If you give me a bad rating for this, then whatever - I don't care.

Meanwhile... freely... the ambience energy of the previous relationship felt stormy, too much control, lack of freedom, manipulative energy, nothing that seems to speak about the story of love in the way both you Alleesah and Elvis communicated to each other. Perhaps lust was more stronger than love, which is a great pity. No wonder the relationship has ended. If you don't purchase, I wish you the best.  


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